Upcycling; taking something old...

...recombining them in unexpected ways to make something fabulous...

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If this sounds like something you love to do, you're not alone.  There are lots of sites on the web that show interesting ways to refurbish old worn out 'stuff' that someone has kicked to the curb.

Rusty Saw Blade Bar Table

There is such a sense of almost gleeful satisfaction, even pride, when you create something useful and beautiful out of a bit of junk.  The trick is to develop the vision to allow you to see the finished project, even when it has a rough start.

Thrift stores are a good hunting ground for unearthing gems, along with the recycle center, flea markets and garage sales - and never pass up the chance to poke through an old barn or shed. 

But sometimes it's overwhelming with the sheer amount and variety of 'stuff' to weed through.  Your eyes start to blur and you miss the treasures in the raw because there's too many to look at.

I have a few tips for finding the best things and what to concentrate on seeking out.

Swirling patterns etched into the silver plate

So what kinds of things do you collect?  That's easy; whatever catches your eye!  I seem to go for old tarnished metal things, rusty iron or silver plate blackened with age.

Other things to look for are vintage furniture, preferably wooden, which may or may not require refinishing or reupholstering

Okay, I found that diamond in the rough...

You've got your special piece, wrestled it into the car - then what?  You need to think ahead for where it will go until you can work on it. 

If it's usable, where in your house will it go?  Or if it needs to be refurbished first, will it be possible to keep it dry until you can work on it? 

There's no point in getting a beautiful couch or upholstered chair and finding that it's going to just sit out in the rain and get totally ruined. 

...and I've refinished it and polished it to a shine

So now you have your upcycled furniture done in shabby style to your liking, and lots of ideas to give your home that country ambiance - what now?  I'm big on putting together primitive craft ideas, including how to make primitive wood signs, junky angels and so much more. 

You'll find tips for strategically transforming your finds into something extra special, either for your home or for sale, and country crafting ideas and rustic home decor.

Making unique funky items to sell them is so much fun, but the trick is to get the word out and sell them.

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