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I've been a certified horticulturist, an artisan and a webmaster for years - it's hard to believe where the time has gone.

About me

I love to re-imagine old vintage pieces, refurbishing old worn out cast offs and giving them new life, or combining two unlikely bits into a spectacular and unique display for a collection. 

There are plenty of options and ways that you can reconfigure an existing bit of furniture such as a shabby, chippy side table, stick some different handles on it, and you've got something really different. 

I had to sit on one piece in the recycle center to stop another person from making off with it.

My garden and my home are the testing ground for all my 'stuff'; before I sell it, I might trial it out to see if there is a need for more refurbishing or fixing.  I sell things on Facebook groups mostly, such as my local buy and sell.

I've developed some unique ways of joining things together and I love the juxtaposition of different materials, like twigs and metal or old pieces of rusty junk that normally wouldn't be seen together.  You may have seen some of my bits on my other sites.

Blue Fox Farm is all about rustic

Drought Smart Plants features the plants

Xeria is my site with the tutorials and E-Courses that combine both of the above.

O-Garden will get you going organic, and this garden site, Vegetable Garden Plot helps get novice vegetable gardeners started, and No Frills Build tells the ongoing saga of our tiny home building project.

Taken altogether, these seven sites form Camp Cammidge; Rustic, Romantic, Xeric and Organic.

Camp Cammidge; Rustic, Romantic, Xeric and Organic...

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