Architectural Antique Salvage

Old is New Again

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Back in the day, there was a style that completely took over the North American continent, where frills and fanciful embellishments were added to clothing, and houses as well.  This was the Victorian era.

Architectural Antique Salvage

The styles changed, and furbelows and whimsical gingerbread was no longer in vogue - especially on houses. 

Now, it's come back around, with a bit of a twist.  Architectural salvage is hard to find, as most of it was created out of wood, which tends to rot, burn and otherwise become unusable.

Some of the best architectural salvage is being recognized and given some respect - and you'll pay a high price for it.

Some items that you might find at auctions and in antique shops are corbels, trim from doors and windows, old doors and other carved pieces.

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