Birds Nest Under Glass

My Primitive Take on a Victorian Still Life

Did you know that it's illegal to collect songbird nests?  True.  I'm not sure why this rule came into being because most often, migratory birds won't re-use an old nest (could it be they know about parasites overwintering in them?)

Birds Nest Under Glass - a primitive take on the Victorian still life...

So to satisfy that rule, I developed my own faux birds nest, which is just as appealing, and doesn't have any bugs in it as an added bonus.  It also looks very realistic to humans, although a bird probably could tell the difference.

Take one circle of wire, combine with twigs...

Here's how I started; with a piece of wire about 12-16" long, I twist it into a circle.  Roughly speaking.  Then I took some flexible twigs, in this case Sheperdia canadensis, otherwise known as Buffaloberry or soopolallie, and wound those around the wire.

The point here is to make a kind of bowl shape, and neatness doesn't count.  Just the general shape is fine.

Spanish Moss in a bowl shape

Then I put some spanish moss from the dollar store in a pile in the middle and hollowed out the center, just like a real nest.  I have some tiny wrens eggs (also from the dollar store), which are turned wood pieces. Of course, they are hidden away and unfindable, so I went with plan B:

Oval beads are perfect for the eggs

Oval beads with some strips of newspaper to be papier mache - leave them rustic!

Smudged with some acrylic craft paint, they resemble real songbird eggs.

Birds Nest Under Glass - a tiny garden cloche

Display your tiny nest under a glass cloche with a rustic twig - I always wanted to use this little blown glass cloche for something!

A rustic twig makes the perfect accent

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