Broken Bantam Rooster

Resin Rooster Renovation

I seem to be collecting resin roosters - these are made in a mold by pouring plastic resin into it.  The result can be surprisingly lifelike, but easily broken.

Broken Bantam Rooster - what he looks like now

This one is broken right in half, unlike the other rooster I salvaged that only had its beak broken off.

I made a rough shaped tube of chicken wire, and crammed it into both halves of the broken body, and then outlined each part with five minute two part epoxy. 

The leg was broken too, so after careful realignment, I held the parts in place together, for a few minutes until it held.  No splint necessary.

Broken Bantam Rooster - what he looked like then

Two part epoxy is a tough and durable product, made for just this kind of application.  Work with it outdoors as the smell is a bit objectionable - rather like old socks with a pinch of skunk.

Broken Bantam Rooster - what he looks like now

This little bantam rooster will join the flock, and spend the rest of his days with the other rooster displayed in front of the Eggporeum.

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