Faux Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments

Bling up your Rustic Holiday Decor

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Vintage (or not so vintage) Christmas ornaments are usually found in thrift stores near the holiday.  I grabbed these many years ago, thinking they were bright and colorful.

Faux Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments

I'm not so into colorful these days, so I decided to paint them with the Faux Mercury Glass technique.  Go bling or go home, I always say.

Some of the Christmas ornaments were pink pointy things, others were shaped like pine cones - and to top it off, two in the shape of bells. 

The shiny paint has worn off or faded with the years, so it's time.  I know, they're probably worth more left in their original state, but I'm not going to be selling these.

Wires stuck into a cardboard box make an impromptu paint booth

Sticking short bits of wire into a cracker box makes an impromptu paint booth.  The first coat didn't look like much, but then the second covered all the shallow spots.

The second coat of the mirror effect spray

Clustered in a bowl from the thrift store done in the same mirror effect technique these ornaments give a lustre to the collection.

Clustered in a collection in thrift store bowls

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