Faux Painting Techniques

For a Vintage Look

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There are a ton of ways to make your crafts and furniture look vintage, none more so than using some of the many techniques that have been around for ages.  I'm talking about faking it, but in a good way.

Faux Painting Techniques

The most fun I've had is to make doors look like old barnboards, or in the trompe le oeil method, which just means 'fool the eye' - which it does.  These types of painting techniques work great on flat surfaces like walls or doors.

The surprisingly realistic image depends mostly on many layers of paint, to make it appear that the view is receding into the background.  This door is a good example of this technique;

Trompe le oeil door

The 'furthest away' trees are painted first, then the ones in the foreground.  It's a lot of fun to see this unfold as you paint - the trick is to know when to quit.

Chalk paint is a way to make even the ordinary and everyday furniture look like it just came right out of a country farmhouse.  Have a look at how it turned out with the sad armoire that was transformed into a shabby masterpiece.

Mercury glass is a way to add some bling to the rustic and vintage, whatever shape that takes. 

Christmas is the perfect time of year to paint ornaments or even ordinary thrift store finds to make them not so ordinary any more.

The grunge look is an easy technique using some really basic ingredients to make things look rusty.  If this is one of your favorite looks, this page is for you.  As an added bonus, your house will smell wonderful when you use this technique.

Distressing is a way to make things look worn and vintage, even when they're not. 

The corkboard frame that I painted is a good example of the way that a simple coat of acrylic craft paint and the judicious application of the sandpaper to take it off the high spots makes this frame look like a vintage piece.

Crackling, or making the paint look really weatherworn and aged, is a technique I use lots on various projects, like hook boards.  There are commercial type paint on crackling mediums, or you can use something as simple as Elmers white glue.

Painting things to look like barn boards, complete with rusty nails is enthralling - and effective;

Faux Barnboard Door

That's just a few of the many different ways to paint things to make them look vintage.  Have fun with it and develop your own unique look.

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