Framed Vintage Lace

Distressed Picture Frame Beauty

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Long ago, it was a popular hobby to make lace.  Some was made with bobbins, some tatted or crocheted.  Generally, the pieces that people made were small and meant for a collar or other decoration.

Framed Vintage Lace

All of it is gorgeous, and really collectible, in fact it's irresistible. 

But what do you do with it, besides keep it in a chest where no-one ever sees and appreciates it? 

I made three tiny scraps of handmade lace into a window cover for the bathroom.

Attaching the vintage lace to the wooden picture frame

There were two pieces the same with three points crafted right into them, like pennants. 

The odd one out was just a rectangle with very similar motifs, almost like flowers embroidered on afterwards and although they are obviously made from different cotton, they are closely related, and so they were sewn together by hand to form a larger rectangle.

I distressed an old wooden picture frame which didn't have any glass in it, drilled holes all around it about 3/4 inch apart, and strung the rectangle of lace into it.

Installed in the frame to stretch it, the lace is beautiful with sun shining through it

The method I used is the same as stretching a piece of embroidery or a tapestry; all my Mums teachings are coming home to roost.  She taught me these things as a child, and I never dreamed I would be using them now.

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