Imperial Loyalist Chair Refurbish

Could this be Worth Something?

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Wouldn't that be a find - a gift from someone cleaning out an old shed - do you want an old wooden chair?

Imperial Loyalist Chair Refurbish

The first time I saw it, the chair was in the back of an open pickup truck.  Oh, boy, I thought.  This could be it!  Sturdy, built to last, not like modern day furniture. 

It's got an accordion pleated back cushion, in kind of a fan shape, and the seat cushion is stiff with springs, even after all this time.

Imperial Loyalist Chair - the original

Even with holes in the fabric, you can tell that this upholstery was at one time top of the line.  The piping is sure and straight.

The finish on the bow arms is worn off in places, especially around the dowels holding the arms onto the front legs. 

The interesting mortise and tennon joints in the front of the chair are unique - I couldn't find any other furniture with that feature.  I think it could be a reproduction from later in the century.  There is a stamp on the inside of the side rail that says Imperial Loyalist, Stratford, Ontario. Further investigation is warranted.

Meanwhile, I'll be doing a bit of a refurbish.  That horrible varnish finish will be removed to reveal the lovely wood beneath, which will be oiled with Tung oil or something similar. 

(In the end I used some Minwax product that was given to me by someone else.  This is supposed to be stain and finish all in one.)

The cushions will be professionally recovered, eventually - for now, a slip cover or just a blanket will be enough - it's an outside on the porch chair, after all. 

Thinking and dreaming (and reading) will be a popular pastime in this chair.

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