My Rustic Garden

Lots of Junk and Ways to use it

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There are lots of ways to use cast offs and thrift store finds, especially in a garden.  It doesn't have to look junky, just very eclectic and fun.

My Rustic Garden

I like the look of rusty things, and unique planters to display lush plants flourishing in the garden.  There are many things that aren't made to be planters, but contain flowers and plants just fine.

Lucky for me, I have a husband who I've trained to find all kinds of things to display my funky stuff. 

I look at things in a whole new light; it's important to think outside the box, and not be bound by someone else's vision for something. 

Plant up all those bits and pieces you've been saving in the shed, you'll be amazed at how beautiful it looks.  It's something about the contrast of an old piece of trash and the burgeoning plants.

Sometimes you pass up on something just because it's broken, or needs fixing.  There are lots of ways to mend garden ornaments with the myriad new glues, or a bit of paint, or some wire.  It just remains to find the right method.

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