Picture Frame Cork Board

Finally, a way to combine two old hoarded items

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If you're a hoarder like me, you most likely have at least a couple of old picture frames that 'one day' you'll use for something.  I've come across several great ideas using a vintage (or not so vintage) picture frame.  The cork board idea is only one of them.

Picture Frame Cork Board

This picture frame is wood, quite nice wood actually, but in this case I wanted to paint it in a shabby technique; one coat of white acrylic craft paint, which is then sanded off on the high spots. 

This frame is a good candidate for that, because it's got lots of variation in height of the molding used to make the frame.

My Go-To paint; cheap acrylic craft paint from the dollar store

Then the back had to replaced with something - how about cardboard?  Cut to fit and glued in place, then stapled, this will give me a backing to glue the next part on; the recycled wine corks. 

Painted and lightly sanded

These are cut in half, and then randomly glued on; I thought of gluing them in a pattern at first, like a spiral, doing two different heights of cork, or in lines, but that was beyond me on this project. 

I'm happy with the random nature of the different heights mixed together, especially with the clean lines of the frame.

The corks are cut into random lengths with loppers

And there you have it; some stick pins strategically place, and you have an interesting and useful corkboard to hang near the phone, or above your desk.

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