Primitive Match Cupboard

Upcycled from a Bathroom Cabinet

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I seem to find lots of fun little cabinets and pieces of furniture that seem to have been made in a high school shop class.  This is another of them that was desperate for a makeover.

Primitive Match Cupboard

With a woodstove that needs lighting everyday, one of the crucial ingredients for that, right after good dry kindling and some newspaper, is wooden matches.  These come in a cardboard box, which doesn't fit my style much.

Primitive Match Cupboard - before

The ugly pink bathroom cabinet (at least, I'm assuming that's it's original function because of the two holes - for toothbrushes?) was so in need of some kind of redo that I gave it some loving in the form of a coat of black acrylic craft paint. 

The first coat bubbled and didn't stick all that well to the shiny oil based paint it was originally.

Because this is meant to be primitive and rustic, it's important not to get too caught up in perfection.  The more rugged the piece, the better I like it.

Primitive Match Cupboard with a box of matches

Tiny drawers are so appealing, and this one fits a box of matches perfectly.

The finished Primitive Match Cupboard

The second coat was better, and covered more evenly. Ideally, I'll be able to find the dark paste wax that is hiding somewhere, and then it will be done - and then to find a place to hang it.  It's surprisingly heavy for such a small project.

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