Rustic Home Decor

Bring on the Country and Primitive

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There is nothing more inviting or warm than a house decorated in a way that doesn't look decorated - it looks like it's evolved with primitive touches, natural materials and hand made or refurbished furniture.

Rustic Home Decor

There are so many little touches that will bring your unique perspective to your decor.  Making old things new again with faux finishes, scouring flea markets for finds to refurbish, and learning different upcycling ideas will help you do this with panache.

The ideas to give vintage finds new life, or combining two or more objects into a wonderful coffee table, book shelf, chandelier or other funky piece are all around Pinterest and other similar places on the web.

I'm amazed at how creative and generous everyone is, willing to share tutorials on making everything from Christmas ornaments, to a mantel to display things on.

Here are a few rustic projects for my home;

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