Rustic Pedestals

Rustic Home Decor

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Are you attracted to spindles and balusters, then wonder what on earth to make with them?  How about a rustic pedestal to hold your collection of shells, beads, faux fruit, what have you.

Rustic Pedestals

I'm fortunate that I also have an ever growing collection of candy tins, all shapes and sizes.  I burn the paint off them in the bonfire, and let them mature into a slightly rusty zone, then use them to make into this type of craft.

Spindles, cut to length

The spindles or balusters are cut with a chop saw to make sure they're absolutely square.  I purposely cut them into different lengths, the more variation, the better, especially if you have several of them displayed together.

Mix and match tins and spindles

I decide which tin goes best with each spindle, then attach them with a screw in the middle.  Some require two screws, especially for those spindles that come off a bunk bed and have a hole drilled in the center.

Rustic Pedestal

Pre-drilling and/or gluing with two part epoxy or other good glue will work to hold them together.

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