Sad Armoire

To Fab Shabby Pie Safe

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Finding stuff on the side of the road is the best part of living in a small town that every year holds their trash to treasure event. 

This is where households can save on their landfill costs by putting out old worn out furniture that those of us that are handy can remake into something fabulous.

From Sad Armoire to Fab, Shabby Pie Safe

This worn out armoire had already undergone one renovation - I could tell by the black paint job.  So, I didn't feel bad at all with the idea of giving it yet one more chance to become something wonderful.

Besides, it's made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) so it's not like I'm wrecking a priceless antique.

Home made Chalk Paint - recipe coming soon

Painting these types of shabby projects are a breeze; no need for perfection here.  You don't even need to follow the grain, just splosh, dab and splatter it on, making sure to get the paint deep into any crannies. 

This is because you'll also be distressing the piece, and taking the paint off the high spots.  I used home made 'chalk paint' which is super easy and cheap to make. 

I'll be sharing the recipe and other tips in the Rustic Crafts E-Course.

Twiggy handles are the finishing touch

This project gave me the chance to develop my ideas for drawer pulls, made out of some twigs and beads.  There's nothing like it when a plan comes together.

I had salvaged some kitchen cabinets and made them into craft supply storage on the sister site, Blue Fox Farm, and then had the great idea of using this as well, with the cabinets on top of it.

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