Shabby Chic Decorating

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The Shabby Chic Decorating style has ageless appeal; it's a way of celebrating vintage finds, and actually using them instead of storing them away out of sight.

Shabby Chic Decorating

Thrift store and junk shop finds, recycled furniture and otherwise discarded pieces are all pulled together with chippy paint, faded fabrics and pastel colors.

White or pale colored chalk paint is used to give the impression of age to a piece, and craquelure, distressing and weathering are all given center stage.

Natural materials, especially bleached or faded, are especially valued, and usually they're displayed in a collection.  Birds eggs, seed pods or pine cones, even pebbles and seashells are used to add texture and color.

The trick to this style of decorating is to make it seem effortless; choosing the pieces should seem natural, and they need to be brought together without a thought for the time period, and above all, it shouldn't be fussy or too precious. 

All the furniture in this style is meant to be used, and loved, not hidden away in a closed off parlour or den. 

Slip covers can be changed or washed, the pillows exchanged for new ones, or covered with some coveted laundry faded flour sacks.

Pictures, either photographs, or prints can be grouped with similar but unique frames.

Mirrors, all mismatched, but painted the same color, can be displayed together. 

Collections are the name of the game.

The matchy-matchy style of some types of decor can be thrown out the window.

Have a look at the kinds of things that make up the Shabby Chic style;

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