A Primitive Christmas Tree

Trimming the Tree, literally...

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Have you ever had a kid who cut their dolls hair?  This project is a lot like that, for adults who never had a chance to use their paper scissors on a Barbie doll.

Trimming a Tree, Literally

There are lots of scruffy worn out fake Christmas trees around; everyone has one in their attic, the garage or basement, to be brought out, disguised with tons of ornaments for a week or two when the right season rolls around.

Fake Christmas Tree, waiting for its close up...

Here's a way to make it into a primitive version of a Christmas tree.  Someone gave me a tatty little two footer, on a plastic stand.  So I took the scissors to it, and trimmed off all the needles so each branch (which is wire) is about half an inch wide.  I think it looks great!

All the branches, trimmed close to the wire

I'll decorate it with tiny birds nests, little reindeer and some hearts, and wrap the stand in burlap with cedar shavings in to give it the look of a dug tree.  I might display this on my porch, or even out in the yard with popcorn garlands for the birds while the snow falls on it. 

Fake Tree with Faux Birds Nest

So dig out your fake tree, and get to work.  If your inner child wants to be let out to play with scissors, this is the project for you.

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