Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree

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We've all got some - worn out tired or out of date jewelry, too good to throw out.  Why not use it to decorate your home and get it out of storage?

Use your old jewelry to add some bling to the holidays - Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree

Well meaning family members and friends have given me some atrocious jewelry over the years, which guilt forbids me to rehome or dispose of.  This way, if they come over, they'll be thrilled to see their piece being displayed, even if it is in a different way than they envisioned.

Imagine the shape you will be following...

You may remember my corkboard project - here's the perfect way to reuse it for the holidays.  Nothing gets wrecked or damaged with this little bit of home decor.

Jewelry, beads and the pins to hold them all collected

The straight pins are easy to find in department stores in the sewing department, or from a craft or dollar store.  The smallest ones you can find will be perfectly adequate to hold jewelry on to the cork board. 

You can use the regular kind of corkboard for this too, with the flat tiles or rolls of cork, but it's thinner so you may need to use thumbtacks instead of straight pins.

All the findings and bits of wire I removed from the earrings

I took lots of the findings off, things like shepherd hooks and odd pieces off the earrings to make it easier to pin them in place.

In hindsight, a simpler background would be better

Following the shape of the tree that I imagined, the earrings and chains look a lot like Christmas ornaments - in hindsight, a simpler background might work better, but I like the look of this rustic and vintage piece.

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