Welcome Sign Redo

Porch Decor

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Sometimes, you find an old sign in the trash or recycle, and it's hard to resist.  I didn't realize this one actually had strawberries painted on it, that's how shabby and faded it was.

Welcome Sign Redo

I like the wire outline, and love the leaves and acorns that decorate it, but the paint is in need of some help. 

Make me pretty again!

Following the faded paint to make it pop again was a bit difficult.  I've always colored outside the lines, and made my own path in the world, so copying something that's already there is not my forte. 

However, I persevered, and found that it wasn't too hard if I did a layer at a time, letting it dry in between.

I like the acorns on the edge - those are fun.  They are painted with two colors of paint, one for the nut part the other darker color for the holder.

The acorns with two colors of paint

Once it was painted and dry, I figured out a way to use some hanging basket chains recycled from another project, and cut them to fit with the bracket.  The bracket and the chains were put in the bonfire to remove the paint, and let them go rusty.

The original chains were broken in two spots, making it useless. 

The new chains have hooks, because they were used to hang the baskets. In this case, the cheaper the better - they're much easier to open and close the links with a pair of pliers.

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